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SanGIS Is Removing non-Assessor Address Attributes from Parcel and Lot Layers

SanGIS-maintained address fields will be removed from data layers in two steps.

SanGIS currently publishes SanGIS-maintained address information in the LOTS, PARCELS and derivative layers (PARCELS_EAST, etc.). If a SanGIS-maintained address exists for a parcel it is inserted into the SanGIS address fields in the LOTS and PARCELS layer. The PARCELS layer also includes the Situs address information provided by the County Assessor’s Office.

This address point information is "added" information by SanGIS. The process for adding the SanGIS address information to the parcel and lot layers is complex, time consuming, and subject to errors. The SanGIS address point information is already available in the ADDRESS_APN (address points) layer and is redundant in parcels and lots. This change also facilitates the Assessor's Office transition from CADD-based parcel map maintenance to GIS-based.

SanGIS will be modifying its publication processes so that the SanGIS address point information is no longer published in parcels and lots and derivative layers. Only the Assessor’s Situs address data will be published. This provides a more streamlined publication and maintenance process that is less prone to failure and has the advantage of making the parcel layer a purely Assessor-maintained layer with no outside data added.

SanGIS understands that this change may have dramatic impacts on current automated processes and parcel or lot layer derivatives. For that reason SanGIS will be extending the process normally followed for data layer changes. It is expected that the extended notification period will provide you the necessary time to identify and correct any issues in your web maps, applications, or scripts. The removal of the data will occur in two steps according to the following schedule:

Step 1: Monthly Regional Data Warehouse Updates on April 2, 2018 Redact data from SanGIS attributes but do not remove fields. That is, all data fields will exist but all values will be null.
Step 2: Monthly Regional Data Warehouse Updates on May 7, 2018 Remove data fields from all affected layers shown in the Layers Affected table below. The attribute fields will be removed from the layers shown.

The following attributes and layers will be affected by this change:

Attributes Removed
Layers Affected

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