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SanGIS Partner Links

These links provide convenient access to commonly requested mapping sites at our JPA partners. These may be "static"" maps (such as JPEG or PDF images) or dynamic mapping sites where you can search, pan, zoom, and modify the map to meet your special needs.

Please Note: These links take you away from the SanGIS website and the maps will open in a new browser window. Just close that window to return to our website. Problems with the new map window should be reported to that site owner. If the link appears to be inactive please let us know by sending email to

County of San Diego

County Parks Locations

Interactive map for locating County parks, getting directions, and viewing available services and fees.

County of San Diego GIS Portal

A map gallery with a number of maps showing County of San Diego services, districts, and restrictions. Includes County zoning and property and shooting restrictions map.

City of San Diego

San Diego City CIP Project Viewer

Locate City of San Diego capital improvement program (CIP) projects by address or area.

City of San Diego Map Gallery

A set of interactive maps that show a variety of residential services within the City of San Diego. Enter a search term to find a related map or click on one of the thumbnails to open the map.


Data Downloads

Census data reports and SANDAG defined reporting areas can be downloaded in spreadsheet or shape file formats.

Interactive Maps

Interactive maps covering geographic boundaries, growth visualization, regional economic development information (REDI), and traffic forecast information.

Web Mapping Services

Information and connection information for published GIS data and imagery services. Also includes links to SANDAG’s Map Gallery - a catalog you can use to explore many of SANDAG’s web maps, GIS data and imagery services, and custom applications.