Interactive Map

Data Layers

The SanGIS Interactive Map uses a subset of the publicly available GIS data set. The Interactive Map uses two types of data: Base Map Layers and Dynamic Layers. Base Map Layers are always present and include features such as roads, parcels, parks, landmarks and county boundary. Dynamic Layers can be turned on and off by the user. The dynamic layers are in eleven categories – APN Labels, Parcel Polygons, Jurisdictions, Census Boundaries and Zip Codes, Community Planning Areas, District, SRA and MSA Districts, Ecology, Existing Land Use and Planned Land Use – and include data such as council or supervisor districts, vegetation, flood plains, land use and water quality sensitive areas.

A complete list of data layers used by the SanGIS Interactive Map, and whether they are Base Map or Dynamic Layers, is available in Excel or PDF format. If you have any questions about the data displayed on the SanGIS Interactive Map please contact us.

Interactive Map data is updated at the same time as the Regional Data Warehouse. Data layer updates are shown on the New & Information page under Layer Updates.


The SanGIS Interactive Map data and tools are provided only for the user's convenience and no warranty is made as to the accuracy of the data. The user must read and be aware of the full use disclaimer. Please read the SanGIS Legal Notice prior to using the SanGIS Interactive Map.