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Report a SanGIS GIS Data Problem

Errors in SanGIS GIS data should be reported by email whether you are a private citizen or acting in an official government capacity. Reported errors are corrected once the error has been confirmed and the correct information verified.

Please be patient. While SanGIS endeavors to correct known data errors as soon as possible it sometimes takes a number of weeks for research to be completed and corrections published. SanGIS public data is updated on a monthly basis so any corrections will not appear on SanGIS maps or data download sites until at least the start of the following months. However, it may take two or more months before the corrected data to appear.

To report an error send an email to

You can also complete the Error Report Form and email this to us.

Before reporting errors in the GIS data please look at the Error Reporting Procedures.

Report a Non-SanGIS Mapping Error

Many mapping sites may have originally obtained their data from SanGIS so if you see a problem on Google, Bing, TomTom, or other maps you should let SanGIS know so that we can verify that our data is correct. However, SanGIS has no relationship with those commercial sites and we do not report updates to them. If you need to have a correction made on a commercial mapping site you should contact that company directly.

The US Government (on has posted some information on how to report errors for some commercial mapping sites. You may find useful information in the article at How to Report a Mapping Problem Affecting GPS Devices, Apps, and Maps.

Report a Web Problem

Problems with the SanGIS website can be reported by sending an email to or calling SanGIS 858-874-7000.