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These links are provided for your convenience to expedite your search for GIS data in the County of San Diego and may be either map or data download sites. Please Note: These links are not managed or maintained by SanGIS. If you run into a problem or have a question with one of the links contact the site owner. If you find a link that is no longer active please notify us by sending email to

Cities in San Diego County

Jurisdiction Code Area (Sq Mi) Population (2010 census) Jurisdiction Homepage GIS Web Page
CARLSBAD CB 39.1 106,804
CHULA VISTA CV 52.1 237,595
CORONADO CO 14.0 23,916  
DEL MAR DM 1.8 4,660
EL CAJON EC 14.5 99,637  
ENCINITAS EN 19.6 65,171
ESCONDIDO ES 37.2 147,514
IMPERIAL BEACH IB 4.4 28,680  
LA MESA LM 9.0 58,150  
LEMON GROVE LG 3.9 26,131  
NATIONAL CITY NC 9.2 57,799  
OCEANSIDE OC 42.2 183,095
POWAY PW 39.1 52,056
SAN DIEGO SD 342.5 1,376,173
SAN MARCOS SM 24.3 84,391
SANTEE ST 16.5 58,044
SOLANA BEACH SO 3.4 13,783  
VISTA VS 18.6 97,513
UNINCORPORATED CN 3,569.0 503,320

State of California

California Department of Technology GIS Initiative
General information regarding GIS in the State of California. Includes a access to a GIS Wiki with links to many other resources.
Cal-Atlas Geospatial Clearinghouse
A treasure trove of geospatial data, map services, and information by California government agencies, partners, and stakeholders.
Department of Fish and Wildlife GIS
Access to GIS information available from the Dept. of Fish and Wildlife. Includes links to imagery and topographic data sets.
California Environmental Information Clearinghouse
A catalog developed by the California Resources Agency to facilitate access to a variety of electronic data in GIS usable forms. Typical data includes imagery, tax areas, environmental layers and a wealth of other data sets.
California Department of Conservation – Geological Survey
A wealth of on line maps, reports and data regarding geological conditions in California including geologic hazards such as landslides and tsunami.