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Parcel Lookup Help

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Navigation Palette

The main navigation tool palette provides a variety of tools for moving around in the map. 

Click on arrows to move map up, down, right and left

Click on globe to go to full extent of map
Click on < for Previous Extent View
Click on > for Next Extent View
Click + to Zoom In
Click - to Zoom Out
Pan around the map with a click/hold/drag/release action anywhere on map 
Click/hold/drag/release to create zoom in or zoom out windows





Other Navigation Tools

Other navigation tools are:

  • Mouse Scroll Button - Will zoom the map in and out
  • Click/Hold/Drag - Will allow panning around the mapping area





Map Refresh

Please Note:  Allow time for map to refresh after each navigation activity.  Refresh speed will depend on your Internet service and computer capabilities.





Parcel Lookup by 10 Digit APN

  1. Click on the Find Parcel icon to launch the Find Parcel by APN dialog box

  2. Key-in 10 digit APN number

  3. Click Search

  4. Click on search results to zoom to found parcel
  1. Click on More Info to fully open information box and view all layer attribute information available for the parcel

Parcel will be shown in red with its associated parcel information box already opened and ready for review.





Parcel Lookup using Wildcard with APN

Click on the Find Parcel icon to launch the Find Parcel by APN dialog box

  1. Key-in a portion of the APN using the wildcard % at the beginning or end the APN ie: 533433%

  2. Click Search to get a list of all parcels meeting search criteria

Please Note:  Selected parcels will all be shown in red but may not be contiguous because of placement of wildcard.

  1. Review search results and click on desired parcel from list or select directly from map

  2. Click on More Info to fully open information box.





Parcel Look up by Address

  1. Click on the Find Address icon to launch the Find Parcel by Address dialog box

  2. Key-in the desired address using the provided examples as a guide

  3. Click Locate

  1. Review possible addresses and select best result to zoom to location.

Please Note:  Address locations are derived from centerline of roads. Therefore, the mail box is located along the road segment which corresponds to the address. No individual parcels will be found.





User Selected Map Layers

In addition to the base map layers there are 3 layer categories with related subgroups which the user can turn on and off as needed. These are:

  • Places - Fire Stations, Hospitals, Libraries, Zipcodes

  • Districts - Census Tract, County Supervisor, Fire Protection, Elementary and High Schools, Unified School, State Assembly, State Senate, and US Congress

  • Ecology - Floodplains, Geology, Soils, and Vegetation

  1. Click on the Layers icon    to launch the Layers dialog box

  2. Click on the light grey to the left of the layer name to expand layer for more choices

  3. Click in the check box to the left of the layer name to turn on or off needed layers.

Please Note:  Not all of the selected layers will be visible at all times.  They appear and disappear depending on how far zoomed in or out you are.

  1. Click on the down arrow to the right of the layer name to open a set of layer manipulation tools and description.





User Drawing Tools

The Parcel Lookup interactive map interface provides a set of basic drawing tools which the user can use to add graphics and text to a map.

  1. Click on the Draw icon  to launch the Draw Tool Palette

The Draw Tool Palette allows the user to create different graphical elements on a map using unique parameters for each type.

Please Note:  All graphical elements added to a map will be shown when the map is printed.


The Draw Tool Palette also has settings for defining measurements for most graphical elements drawn.





Printing a Map

  1. Click the print icon  to add a name and description to a printed version of a screen shot of your map





General Menu

SanGIS/SANDAG Parcel Lookup interactive map allows the user to:

Look up parcel information by 10 digit APN

Look up parcel information by Address

Turn on and off layer information for

Draw basic shapes on the map

Print map

Layer Information

The base map for the Parcel Lookup interactive map is composed of several base map layers which are on by default plus 3 optional layer categories for Places, Districts, and Ecology.  Refer to the Interactive Map Data Layers page for a full listing of layers and their descriptions.

Please Note:  Not all of the layers on the base map or the user defined Places, Districts, and Ecology will be visible at all times.  They will appear and disappear depending on the map scale (how far you have zoomed in or out).