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SanGIS GIS Links Library

SanGIS creates and warehouses GIS data for the City and the County of San Diego. SanGIS' mission is not to duplicate services that are already provided by our JPA partners. However, we do wish to make it as easy as possible for you to find what you need for your GIS projects.

This page provides convenient links to popular mapping and GIS sites at the City, County, Regional, State and Federal levels.

SanGIS has GIS rest services for a number of layers. These can be accessed from the GIS REST Services tab below along with partner agency GIS Rest Services

If you find a map you would like to have printed but you don't have the resources SanGIS might be able to help. We can print, mount, and laminate maps up 36" x 48". If you find a map on one of these links that you would like to have printed just contact us to see how we can meet your needs. For more information on map and data extract services that SanGIS can provide, including prices, see our Services page.