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Regional Data Warehouse

SanGIS and SANDAG have partnered to provide the San Diego region with a single source of reliable GIS data which can be accessed from the SanGIS or the SANDAG web sites. SanGIS and SANDAG are proud to provide this single, authoritative source of regional GIS data free for public use.

This Regional Data Warehouse covers everything from addresses to zoning and includes such layers as roads/freeways, property and official city boundaries, freeways and major roads, census areas and statistics, community planning areas, lakes, streams, business zones, and many other geospatial topics. This data set consists of over 419 layers in 32 different categories collected from multiple sources including the City of San Diego, the County of San Diego, the State of California, and the federal government.

If you have technical issues accessing the data warehouse or if you are accessing from a secure system and have difficulty registering please contact the host of the warehouse at and for data related questions contact SanGIS at

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The SanGIS Regional Data Warehouse is provided here only for the user's convenience and no warranty is made as to the accuracy of the data. The user must read and be aware of the full use disclaimer. Please read the SanGIS Legal Notice prior to using the SanGIS data.