Download Data

Available Layers

There are more than 419 datasets available in the Regional Data Warehouse. The data are stored in compressed ZIP files. Each ZIP file contains a shape file (*.shp) along with its associated supporting files and a PDF which provides metadata information (information about the data). Separate PDF files of just the metadata are also provided to help users in selecting the proper dataset to download. Shape files can be read by many GIS and CADD systems.

A complete list of available layers can be downloaded as an Excel or PDF file.

Most layers are updated as they become available from original sources or modified by City and County departments. SanGIS updates layers no less than quarterly. Landbase layers are updated the first of every month. The monthly updates cover roads, parcels, and addresses. Check the News and Information page to see the most current updates.

Data drives that contain all data in the Regional Data Warehouse are available from SanGIS for a fee. The data drives are updated on a quarterly basis (January, April, July, October). See the Services page if you would like to find out more about purchasing the Regional Data Warehouse DVD set.