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Parcel Layers Now Include Expanded Property Characteristics

Additional data available in published layers in January 2017

In the past the parcel layers published to the Regional Data Warehouse did not include certain parcel characteristic attributes that were restricted by the County Assessor's Office. The Assessor's Office has recently changed their policies to allow publication of these attributes. Starting with the January data warehouse and interactive map updates, these attributes will be added to all published parcel layers. The expanded data should be available for download on or about January 4, 2017.

The eleven property characteristics being added are:

Attribute Name Type Description
YEAR_EFFECTIVE (String) The effective year the structure was built - includes last 2 digits of year. It may be updated from the actual year built to a newer year if there has been substantial remodeling.
TOTAL_LVG_AREA (Integer) Total living area (square feet)
BEDROOMS (String) Number of bedrooms
BATHS (String) Number of baths
ADDITION_AREA (Integer) If there has been a building addition, this is the amount of area added. Subtracting it from the Total_Lvg_Area will give the original size of the structure.
GARAGE_CONVERSION (String) Garage Conversion. (Y=Yes, N=No).
GARAGE_STALLS (String) Number of garage stalls
CARPORT_STALLS (String) Number of carport stalls
POOL (String) Parcel contains pool (Y=Yes, N=No).
PAR_VIEW (String) Does the property have a view? (Y=Yes; N=No).
USABLE_SQ_FEET (String) This is the level pad area, in square feet, as opposed to the lot size.

See the metadata for more information on these attributes

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