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Changes Being Planned for Access to the Regional Data Warehouse

Project Will Require Users to Self-Register to Gain Access to GIS Layers

SanGIS and SANDAG are working together to implement changes to the Regional Data Warehouse. These changes will affect how you access the GIS layers in the future. The most obvious change will be that you will need to provide a user name and password to access the data. You will be able to self-register and choose your own user name and password. The registration will be persistent – that is, you will only need to register once. Once registered you will just use the same credentials to access the Regional Data Warehouse during subsequent visits. Tools will be provided to recover or change your password and user name.

The change is being made primarily to add a level of security to the regional GIS data and to prevent unauthorized access. Once the changes are in place SanGIS will be able to once again publish parcel data with owner names and be in a position to provide other, more robust services, for registered users. It is not SanGIS’ or SANDAG’s intention to track users and their downloads or even to hold user registration data. Rather, a more robust access method is needed to insure the legitimacy of users, to prevent malicious access and to position SanGIS and SANDAG to provide more features and services in the future.

It is expected that these changes will be completed near the end of March or first of April. Complete instructions will be provided when the new system is implemented and help will always be available through SanGIS and SANDAG. We are designing the changes to have as small an impact as possible on users of the Regional Data Warehouse while, at the same, time creating a framework for future changes that can provide you better services.

If you have any questions about the changes being made to the SanGIS-SANDAG Regional Data Warehouse, please contact SanGIS at 858-874-7000 or send email to