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Parcel Owner Information Redacted from Parcel Layers

County of San Diego Reviewing Legal Requirements and Restrictions

The County of San Diego has directed SanGIS to remove ownership information from all parcel layers available from the SANDAG/SanGIS Regional Data Warehouse. The County has informed SanGIS that they are performing a routine review of the legal requirements and restrictions on such data and have suggessted this step as a temporary measure while the review is being conducted.

SanGIS will continue to publish parcel layers as before but will no longer include owner information. Parcel layers will continue to be published for the entire county and in the North, South, and East subsets but without this attribute information. Data extract requests for ABC mailing labels are still available from SanGIS through the normal ordering process.

If you have any questions about this change, please contact SanGIS at 858-874-7000 or send email to