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Census 2010 data being added to road layers

Block and tract data is being updated as well other road overlay information

SanGIS has finalized arrangements to update the SanGIS data warehouse with the 2010 census data. The road layers will be updated in the data warehouse and on the interactive map during the regular monthly/quarterly update the first week in October. Check the Layer Updates page after October 1, 2013 to see when the layers were updated.

You will see the following changes in the data warehouse after the update:

  1. The CENSUS_BLOCKS and CENSUS_TRACT layers (which currently contain census 2010 data) will be replaced with a more current version. There will be a change in attributes in the updated layers – specifically only the block and tract number attributes will remain.

  2. The following layers will be removed from the data warehouse


  3. The L_BLOCK, R_BLOCK, L_TRACT, and R_TRACT attributes on all road layers will be updated with 2010 census data

  4. The L_MGRA and R_MGRA attributes will be removed from all road layers

  5. The following attributes on all road segments will be updated with the most current data:
    Jurisdiction (LJURISDIC and RJURISDIC)

    Zip code (L_ZIP and R_ZIP)

    Public safety jurisdiction (LPSJUR and RPSJUR)

    Law beats (L_BEAT and R_BEAT)

    Public safety block (L_PSBLOCK and R_PSBLOCK)

    NOTE: this attribute replaces the function of the L_MGRA and R_MGRA attributes

    Thomas Brothers Map page and grid (TBMPAGE and TBMGRID)

At the same time we will be running checks on all intersection points to ensure they are valid and correctly typed. This will be part of the process of bringing the road segments and intersection points into alignment with the 2010 census tracts.

If you have any questions about these updates or need more detail please contact us.

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