2019 Aerial Imagery Consortium

The Regional Imagery Consortium has formed an agreement with NearMap to provide imagery through a subscription service administered by SanGIS. The 2019-2021 imagery is being collected per the San Diego region’s specifications through an agreement with Nearmap. SanGIS is the sole agreement source for this collection of high resolution imagery for San Diego County. As this package of imagery is customized for San Diego County government agencies participating in the regional acquisition process, its combined contents will not be available through other sources. Currently there are 37 consortium member organizations.

Nearmap is a global SaaS company that captures aerial imagery at a high-resolution (sub 3”). The images are captured three times each year throughout the greater San Diego area (urban core/western one third) in the Spring, Summer, and Fall seasons. Oblique imagery (sub-3”) is collected for the urban core/western one third of the County once per year. Images are captured for the rest of the County once (fall 2019) during the 3 year contact. The project deliverable also includes 1 delivery per year of onsite full resolution imagery for internal use, 1 delivery per year of 9 inch resolution for public distribution. It also includes APIs and tools to integrate with GIS, CAD (drafting), CAD (dispatch), and CAMA systems.

Participants in the SanGIS project will receive access to all of these services.

Any party that views or accesses Nearmap imagery acquired through SanGIS must only use such imagery internally and in the ordinary course of their business and may not resell such imagery for the purpose of direct commercial benefit or gain.

Project participants pay a subscription on an annual payment schedule. The three year total cost will be $855,000. SanGIS can accept new participants to the Regional Imagery Consortium. If interested, SanGIS will work with you to provide cost estimate. If you have any questions contact the Program Manager, Tod Chee at