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Annual Tax Rate Area Data Updates Completed

Updated District and Municipal Boundary Layers Now Available

Tax Rate Area (TRA) numbers identify what the Auditor/Controller will apply as a tax rate to the value of each parcel within that TRA boundary. The TRA Update refers to the annual update of municipal and district boundaries that determine the tax rate area number. That is, the TRA update provides updated municipal city limits and district boundaries such as water and school districts. The new boundaries reflect annexations and detachments that have occurred in the past year.

Annually in July and August the County of San Diego Assessor's Office, Mapping Division updates the municipal, district, and TRA boundary polygons. That data is then passed to SanGIS for use in their landbase maintenance system and for use by the general public. The process has completed for this year and the new data is now available for download from the SanGIS/SANDAG Regional Data Warehouse.

Over 20 layers have been updated. Most of the updated layers can be found in the Districts category but Municipal and County Boundary layers in the Jurisdiction category have also been updated.

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