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Regional Data Warehouse Access Now Requires Registration

One Time Self-Registration is Free

SanGIS and SANDAG are implementing a registration process for users to access data on the Regional Data Warehouse. Starting in early June 2015 users will need to self-register their email address and select a password in order to download GIS data. This new process is being implemented primarily to add a level of security to the regional GIS data and to prevent unauthorized access. Once the changes are in place SanGIS will be able to once again publish parcel data with owner names and be in a position to provide other, more robust services, for registered users. A more tailored access method is needed to insure the legitimacy of users, to prevent malicious access and to position SanGIS and SANDAG to provide more features and services in the future.

The new process will require users to provide a valid, working email address and select a password. Registration also requires that new users select an industry affiliation and accept the SanGIS end user license agreement and privacy policy. Once registered, users only need to login to access the data warehouse. There is no fee to register and access is open to all users. Tools have been provided to recovery lost passwords, change your password, and contact us via email. Once logged in, users will see the same familiar data categories, metadata documents, and compressed data files.

If you have any questions about the changes being made to the SanGIS-SANDAG Regional Data Warehouse, please contact SanGIS at 858-874-7000 or send email to or to