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SanGIS Completes Updates for Regional Metadata Requirements

Project to Update Metadata to Meet San Diego Regional GIS Council Minimum Requirement Standard

In August 2014, the San Diego Regional GIS Council (SDRGC) Metadata Working Group established a set of minimum required metadata elements based on the ISO 19139 standard. SanGISparticipated in that process and adopted the standard at the time it was published, along with the City and County of San Diego and SANDAG. Since adopting the standard, SanGIS staff has been diligently working to bring metadata for all SanGIS-maintained layers up to those minimum requirements.

SanGIS is pleased to announce that it has met the challenge and the metadata for all SanGIS-maintained layers is now at the minimum required standard. The SanGIS/SANDAG regional data warehouse updates for January included the new metadata for all layers on the monthly and quarterly update lists (see the Layer Updates report for which feature classes are updated monthly or quarterly). Metadata for the remaining SanGIS-maintained layers will be added to the Regional Data Warehouse throughout the month of January. SanGIS is also updating layers from the City, County, and SANDAG as they become available.

Updating metadata for over 100 layers was a challenging task but the SanGIS staff really stepped up to meet our self-imposed deadline of December 31, 2014. The new metadata includes much more descriptive information on the purpose of the layer, how it is intended to be used, and, where appropriate, how the layer was created. Attribute descriptions and coded value domains have been included for all fields in all layers and data use limitations are now consistent throughout the SanGIS dataset.

For more information on the Regional Minimum Metadata Requirements see the documents on the SanGIS website under the Documents\Polices & Procedures page or on the SDRGC Documents page.

If you have any questions about the SanGIS maintained metadata, or you find corrections that should be made, please contact SanGIS at 858-874-7000 or send email to