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Coastline Parcel and Boundary Cleanup Underway

Project to Make Municipal Limits, Tax Rate Areas, and Parcel Boundaries Consistent

SanGIS is working with the County Assessor's Office, SANDAG, and other regional agencies to provide more consistent boundaries along the Pacific coastline.

In many places along the Pacific Coast the SanGIS parcel layer does not coincide with the County Assessor Tax Rate Areas (TRA) and municipal boundary layers. There are instances where the parcels do not extend out to the County boundary and other areas where parcels go beyond that. SanGIS, SANDAG, and the Assessor's Office are working on making all parcel and boundary layers along the coastline consistent. As needed, existing parcels along the coast will be adjusted to match the TRA layer or the County will adjust the TRA to meet the agreed on parcel limits. In some cases new government land parcels will be added between existing land-side parcels and the coastline. Added polygons will be coded as unparceled government lands.

At the same time, SanGIS and the County Assessor's Office will be including most man-made piers, jetties, and breakwaters in the parcel, TRA, and municipal boundary layers. Currently the County Assessor includes piers but SanGIS removes them from the parcel layers. Both agencies are following previous management direction. SanGIS and the County should be consistent and the SanGIS Technical Advisory Board has directed that these items be included in the parcel boundary.

As a part of this project, SanGIS and the County will be closing off the mouth of San Diego Bay at Ballast Point (the entrance to the bay) rather than the current line that runs East from the shore of Point Loma and then Northeast towards Sunset Park in Coronado.

These changes are in progress and will be posted to the regional data warehouse as they are completed. SanGIS is working towards completing all changes to the coastline parcels by mid- to late-July so that they will be available in the data warehouse updates in August.

SanGIS continues to work on improving the quality of the regional landbase and is grateful for the help from multiple agencies that have made this possible.