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SanGIS Participates in Regional GIS Data Improvements

Aerial Imagery, Metadata, and Address Point Projects Underway

San Diego County has a strong and cooperative GIS community. SanGIS, being a leader in regional GIS data, is working with other local agencies to provide more complete, more current, and more accurate data for this active GIS community. Three major efforts are currently underway in the region and SanGIS is playing a lead role in all three.

2014 Aerial Imagery Collection:

This project, being lead by the SANDAG GIS group, has brought together all 18 incorporated cites, the Coutny of San Diego, numerous water districts, and other public-benefit agencies to pool funds to purchase County-wide imagery flown in 2014. The imagery will be full color, four-band, imagery at a minimum resolution of one foot. The base product is fully funded and work is progressing on funding for additional, upgraded, products in the urban area including higher resolution imagery and elevation data.

Metadata Standardization and Updates:

SanGIS is working with SANDAG, the City of San Diego, and the County of San Diego to develop a list of minimum required metadata elements and a new metadata publishing format. Currently much of the metadata in the GIS Data Warehouse is out of date or incomplete and is published in various formats. This project, now in progress, will define the minimum standards acceptable to all participating agencies and the format that should be used to publish the data. Once the standards are set, all participating agencies will be required to bring their GIS layer metadata up to the standard. The new data will be published on the public data warehouse as it becomes available. This is a major effort involving over 550 data layers. It will, we hope, provide a much better understanding of the data available, how it was developed, and how it should be used.

Address Point Relocation:

As previously announced in this forum, SanGIS is changing the way it publishes address points. In the past address points were published at the centroid of the parcel they were associated with. Work is undeway to relocate as many addresses as possible to the actual structure the address belongs to, or to the primary access point of the associated parcel. SanGIS has requested actual point data location from all jurisdictions in the county to assist in this relocation effort and we are pleased to announce that we've received excellent participation. The Cities of Carlsbad, Del Mar, Encinitas, Escondido, Oceanside, Poway, San Marcos, and Vista have all graciously provided data to assist in this effort.