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SanGIS Data Quality Improvements in 2013 and 2014

SanGIS is continuing projects to provide the best, most reliable, data for the San Diego County region

The New Year is typically a time for reflection and resolution and so it is fitting that we should provide this review of what SanGIS has been able to accomplish in the past year and what we are looking forward to in 2014.

In 2013 we made a number or internal improvements in our processes, documentation, and infrastructure to ensure we publish consistent quality products in a timely fashion. While those changes are not readily apparent to users they are important in making sure we provide the best data we can. But we also completed a number of projects that directly affect what you see. Among these:

We have plenty of projects already in progress in 2014. Some of those, as in the last year, are internal efforts such as software updates and internal process improvements. Some external-facing projects in progress or planned to be completed this year are:

SanGIS is excited about the projects underway and looking forward to expanding our cooperation with other jurisidictions and agencies in the county to provide the most comprehensive, most reliable, most authoritative regional GIS data warehouse possible. If you have ideas you’d like us to consider just email us at

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