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Road Name Data Quality Improving

SanGIS is adding expanded, full, road names to the address and lot layers

SanGIS currently publishes road name data using an abbreviated form of the official full road name. This means that SanGIS must abbreviate certain words and publish post direction values as part of the name. These compromises were necessary for certain legacy systems at the City and County. However, this also limits others to using a shortened version of the road name in systems that do not require it.

In order to provide higher quality data to all our users, SanGIS began a project to change all data layers containing road names from the abbreviated (ROAD20) values to the expanded (ROAD30) values. ROAD20 names required SanGIS to make certain abbreviations in the full road name to accommodate a 20 character field. The ROAD20 values also did not include any post direction values. The new ROAD30 values will accommodate the full road name for all but one road in San Diego County and will include a separate field for post direction.

At the same time, SanGIS has completed a thorough review of the road names and made corrections where needed. This included reviewing road names for accuracy, ensuring directions and suffixes (types) matched standards, and that road names were consistent.

SanGIS began this project in June 2013 and is happy to announce that the final updates will be incorporated in the November data refresh. The final two layers – ADDRESS_APN and LOTS – will be updated the week of November 4, 2013. Changes to the road name values in the road and parcel layers have already been completed and are available on the data warehouse site.

For detail information on the changes SanGIS is making see the Road Name Changes document.

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