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Parcel Address Data Quality Is Improving

SanGIS is adding expanded road names to parcel layer address fields

SanGIS publishes three address sets in all parcel layers. One set if for owner addresses (OWN_xxxxx fields). The second set is for the situs address (SITUS_xxxxx fields). Both of these addresses are provided by the County Assessor as part of the tax parcel creation process. The third set of addresses is added by SanGIS. These address fields begin with ADDRxxxx or ROADxxxx. The SanGIS address fields were implemented to include addresses that may have been provided by the addressing jurisidciton (cities) after the tax parcel was created.

The SanGIS addresses were implemented in the parcel layer to accommodate shortened versions of road names in order to meet requirements of legacy applications developed by our partner agencies. In order to provide better road name data to our users SanGIS proposes to add the full road names to the parcel layers. This will require a change in the database. Specifically SanGIS will be making the following changes to the parcel layer address attributes:

  1. Add the following attribute to the PARCEL layers:

    Attribute Type Length
    ROADPOSTD String 2

    This will be the road name post direction which is currently not published as part of parcels.

  2. Change the field length of the existing road name attributes in the parcel layers. Specifically:

    Attribute Type Length
    ROADPDIR String Change from 1 to 2
    ROADNAME String Change from 20 to 30
    ROADSFX String Change from 2 to 4

  3. Publish full road name values in the parcel layers. Note that this affects only the address values added by SanGIS. The SITUS and OWNER address values provided by the County Assessor will not change. SITUS values already conform to the longer attribute types and field lengths.

These changes will be made in the road layers by the September 1, 2013 data update.

At the same time, SanGIS has completed a thorough review of the road names and made corrections where needed. This included reviewing road names for accuracy, ensuring directions and suffixes (types) matched standards, and that road names were consistent.

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