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New Aerial Imagery in 2012

SanGIS Teams Up With Other Regional Agencies to Acquire Imagery Data

In March 2012 SANDAG, SanGIS, the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency (NGA), the San Diego Law Enforcement Coordinating Council (LECC) and Regional Public Safety GIS worked out an agreement through USGS to acquire orthorectified aerial imagery for San Diego County. The imagery is at 1 foot resolution in the incorporated areas of the County and one-half meter resolution in the unincorporated areas. With additional funding provided by the City of San Diego and the City of Poway, those jurisdictions will have imagery within their city limits at 6 inch resolution.

The USGS's Commercial Partnership Team is handling the contracting, payment, and billing for the 2012 project and is providing quality control and product delivery services to the participating agencies. All products delivered (GeoTIF, compressed MrSID, and ancillary shape files) will be available for use by all jurisdictions in the county.

The 2012 aerial imagery collection project showed that regional entities can come together to provide digital products of value to all citizens in San Diego County at a cost to each agency that is less than the total of individual efforts. The 2012 project was the result of a small group of dedicated agencies with available funding coming together at the right time to achieve a regional success.

What this means to SanGIS customers is that aerial imagery will now be available from our Interactive Map and may be provided as part of data extracts you purchase from us. In the past these options were not available due to licensing restrictions.

SanGIS is proud to have been a partner representing the City and County of San Diego in this region-wide project.

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