2017 Aerial Imagery Project Documents

These are user and administration guides for using the Pictometry ConnectExplorer products available to participants in the 2017 Regional Aerial Imagery Collection Project. Documents are provided in PDF format and were current as of February 2017. For the latest help documentation as well as tips on performance and use see the online help available in the ConnectExplorer web application.

User's Guide
This PDF EagleView CONNECTExplorer User Guide.pdf is the operator's manual for the ConnectExplorer product. Its 161 pages covers all aspects of using the product for operational use and includes tips on performance and how to get help and support. This is the guide for first time users to learn how the product is structured and used as well as a reference for experienced users looking for information on infrequently used features.
Administrator's Guide
Agencies participating in the Oblique Imagery Collection will have a separate sub-organization (sub-org) in the ConnectExplorer application. This allows each of those agencies a certain level of customization of their ConnectExplorer presentation. Each sub-org will have one or more administrators (ADMIN) that will have the rights and responsibilities to configure the sub-org GIS layers, manage users, and run reports. The Administrator's Guide Getting Started with Pictometry Connect for Administrators.pdf provides directions on accessing and using these functions.
GIS Uploader Guide (for Administrators)
In order to make your GIS data available to use with your Pictometry applications, you must first upload it to Pictometry servers. Pictometry's Desktop GIS Uploader is a desktop application that allows you to upload your GIS data directly to the Pictometry Hosting Service so it can be configured and used by your CONNECT account. This document Pictometry Desktop GIS Uploader Guide.pdf provides an overview of the Pictometry Desktop GIS Uploader for Parent and Sub-Organization Administrators.
Viewing Early Access Imagery
The Early Access solution allows users to view images in CONNECTExplorer while Pictometry is still capturing and processing the imagery. Early Access imagery can be available within days of being captured. This document Viewing Early Access Imagery in CONNECTExplorer.pdf provides the best steps and practices in viewing your Early Access imagery.